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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Author Contributions

Book series index

Advanced Series in Management

Indigenous Financial Management Practices in Africa: A Guide for Educators and Practitioners
Patrick Ojera
Book volume 20

Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research

Strategy evaluation when using a strategic performance measurement system: an examination of motivational and cognitive biases
Lan Guo , Theresa Libby , Bernard Wong-On-Wing , Dan Yang
Book volume 21

Advances in Accounting Education

Accounting Research Readings Groups
Denton L. Collins , Kirsten A. Cook , Matthew T. Hart
Book volume 22

Advances in Airline Economics

Strategic response from Singapore Airlines to the Rapid Expansion of Global, Full-service Hub Carriers in the Middle East
Terence Ping Ching Fan
Book volume 7

Advances in Austrian Economics

The Fall and Rise of Inequality: Disaggregating Narratives
Vincent Geloso
Book volume 23

Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research

Perceived Social–Environmental and Emotional Well-Being as a Benefit of Sustainable Tourism Products and Services
Friederike Vinzenz, Werner Wirth, Julianna Priskin, Sindhuri Ponnapureddy, Timo Ohnmacht
Book volume 15

Willingness-to-Pay vs. Actual Behaviour: Sustainable Procurement at Festivals
Rachel Dodds , Brittany Jenkins , Wayne Smith , Robert E. Pitts
Book volume 15

Territorial Planning as a Creative Tool for the Upgrading of Cultural Tourism
Aleksandra Djukić, Vladan Djokić, Branislav Antonić
Book volume 15

Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth

Envisioning a New Research Agenda for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches
Ben Spigel
Book volume 20

Conjoint Analysis in Entrepreneurship Research: End of the Road or a Bridge to the Future?
Matthew S. Wood , J. Robert Mitchell
Book volume 20

Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management

Corporate Water Accounting, Where Do We Stand? The International Water Accounting Field and French Organizations
Delphine Gibassier
Book volume 7

Advances in Financial Economics

Board Gender Diversity and Firm Financial Performance: A Quantile Regression Analysis
Amélie Charles , Rey Dang , Etienne Redor
Book volume 20

Advances in Gender Research

Chinese maternity tourists and their anchor babies? Disdain and racialized conditional acceptance of non-citizen reproduction
Cassaundra Rodriguez
Book volume 25

What a B!tch!: Cyber Aggression Towards Women of Color
Diane Felmlee, Paulina Inara Rodis, Sara Chari Francisco
Book volume 26

Advances in Global Leadership

Janet Ann Nelson
Book volume 11

Advances in Hospitality and Leisure

Examining attributes associated with tourist arrivals to forest parks through linear and curve estimations
Wan-Yu Liu
Book volume 14

Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities

Bullying and Students with Behavioral Disabilities: Examining the Intersection of Definition and Behaviors
Chad A. Rose , Taylor Webb , Gloria McGillen
Book volume 30

Advances in Librarianship

Tech-Savvy Librarian versus (Library) Technologist: Understanding the Future Role of Librarians in Technology Practice
Monica Maceli
Book volume 44b

Advances in Library Administration and Organization

“Vital Assets”: Libraries as Partners in Community Development
Julie Biando Edwards
Book volume 39

Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance

Related Party Transactions and Institutional Investors in Chinese Listed Companies
Chuan-Yang Hwang , Shaojun Zhang , Yanjian Zhu
Book volume 6

Advances in Public Relations and Communication Management

Beyond the Cultural Turn: A Critical Perspective on Culture-Discourse within Public Relations
Alex Frame , Øyvind Ihlen
Book volume 3

Advances in Research on Teaching

Cycles of Research: A Self-Study of Teaching Research in a Sheltered English Instruction Course
Elizabeth Robinson
Book volume 30

Affective reverberations: the methodological excesses of a research assemblage
Adrian D. Martin
Book volume 31

Advances in Special Education

Viewpoints on Interventions for Students with Extensive and Pervasive Support Needs
Jennifer Kurth , Alison Zagona , Amanda Miller , Michael Wehmeyer
Book volume 33

Advances in Special Education

Viewpoints on Interventions for Students with Extensive and Pervasive Support Needs
Jennifer Kurth , Alison Zagona , Amanda Miller , Michael Wehmeyer
Book volume 33

Advances in Taxation

Short Selling and Corporate Tax Avoidance
Savannah (Yuanyuan) Guo , Sabrina Chi , Kirsten A. Cook
Book volume 25

Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms

Inter-cooperation mechanisms in mondragon: managing the crisis of fagor electrodomesticos
Saioa Arando , Iñaki Arenaza Bengoa
Book volume 18

Applications of Management Science

Decision Support Capabilities in Excel
Ronald Klimberg , Samuel Ratick
Book volume 19

Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice

Quality experiences of China’s family tourists in the United States
Yunzi (YaaYaa) Zhang , Liping A. Cai
Book volume 9

Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management

Marjorie van Strien
Book volume 19

Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research

A Multiple Framework Approach to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Entrepreneurship
Carol Pomare
Book volume 8

Context matters: Entrepreneurial energy in the revival of place
Johan Gaddefors , Alistair Anderson
Book volume 9A

Grappling with the challenges of start-up in the designer fashion industry in a small economy: How social capital articulates with is strategies in practice
Colleen E. Mills
Book volume 9A

Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research

Telework and Work–Family Conflict across Workplaces: Investigating the Implications of Work-Family-Supportive and High-Demand Workplace Cultures
Anja-Kristin Abendroth, Mareike Reimann
Book volume 13

Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis

Corporate governance and cash holdings in Indian firms
Amitava Roy
Book volume 99

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Towards Sustainable Peace Building
Tawakkol Karman
Book volume 27

Contributions to Economic Analysis

Social Insurance and Health
Nicolas R. Ziebarth
Book volume 294

Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management

Unsettling the Memes of Neoliberal Capitalism through Administrative Pragmatism
C. F. Abel , Karen Kunz
Book volume 6

Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability

Transnational corporate social responsibility: fact, fiction or failure?
Mavis Amo-Mensah , Ralph Tench
Book volume 12

Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility

Rethinking corporate social responsibility in capitalist neoliberal times
Rafaela Costa Camoes Rabello , Karen Nairn , Vivienne Anderson
Book volume 13

Institutionalizing Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study of Provisions and Implications of Indian Companies Act 2013
Roopinder Oberoi
Book volume 14

Diversity in Higher Education

Afrocentric Worldview, Hetero-Normative Ethos and Black LGBTQ Intellectuals Matriculating through Afrocentric Psychology Programs at Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCUs)
Novell E. Tani , Simone A. Grier
Book volume 21

Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning

Jaswant Kaur Bajwa, Sean Kidd, Sidonia Couto, Natasha Lidkea, Mulugeta Abai, Abby Jackman, Kwame McKenzie
Book volume 11

Advancing and Retaining Underrepresented Faculty in STEM: A Program for Value-Driven Career Success
Valerie Gray Hardcastle, Stacie Furst-Holloway, Rachel Kallen, Farrah Jacquez
Book volume 12

Financial support is not enough! Barriers in access to higher education of refugee and displaced students: lessons from the experience of the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign
Thaís Roque , Erica Aiazzi , Christopher Smart , Stacy Topouzova , Chloé Touzet
Book volume 13

Accessibility and Acceptance for University Students with Diverse Abilities
Naomi Jeffery Petersen , Sandra J. Gruberg
Book volume 14

International Business and Management

A global mindset - still a prerequisite for successful SME internationalisation?
Lasse Torkkeli, Niina Nummela, Sami Saarenketo
Book volume 34

International Perspectives on Education and Society

Teklu Abate Bekele
Book volume 34

Mike Zapp
Book volume 35

International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics

Financial Innovation and Technology Firms: A Smart New World with Machines
Kevin Chen
Book volume 25

Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

Disruptive Innovations for Teacher Education
Evan Ortlieb, Annalisa Susca, Jean Votypka, Earl H. Cheek
Book volume 9

Progress in International Business Research

Amazon and Alibaba: Internet Governance, Business Models, and Internationalization Strategies
Xinyi Wu, Gary Gereffi
Book volume 13

Public Policy and Governance

Leadership and Public Sector Reform in New Zealand
Caroline Rennie , Evan M. Berman
Book volume 30

Research in Economic Anthropology

“We’re living from loan to loan ”: Pastoral Vulnerability and the Cashmere-Debt Cycle in Mongolia
Daniel J. Murphy
Book volume 38

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations

Visual Images of People at Work: Influences on Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Brandon Randolph-Seng, Brandt A. Smith, Andrea Slobodnikova
Book volume 19

Research in Experimental Economics

Culture as a Configuration of Values: An Archetypal Perspective
David F. Midgley , Sunil Venaik , Demetris Christopoulos
Book volume 20

Research in Finance

Determinants of the productivity change for the banking sector in Egypt
Ammar Jreisat, Hassan Hassan, Sriram Shankar
Book volume 34

Research in Labor Economics

Yann Algan , Nicole M. Fortin
Book volume 46

Research in Occupational Stress and Well-being

Pain in the Civilian and Military Workplace
Ethan W. Gossett , P. D. Harms
Book volume 16

Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

The relevance of discrete emotional experiences for human resource management: Connecting positive and negative emotions to HRM
Shane Connelly , Brett S. Torrence
Book volume 36

Research in Political Economy

Ecological-economic narratives for resisting Extractive industries in Africa
Patrick Bond
Book volume 33

Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology

Hypothetical Pattern Explanations in Economic Science: Hayek’s Explanation of the Principle and Pattern Prediction Meets Contemporary Philosophy of Science
D. Wade Hands
Book volume 36A

Imagining Economic Space in Colonial India
Aashish Velkar
Book volume 36B

Challenging a Money Doctor: Raúl Prebisch vs. Sir Otto Niemeyer on the Creation of the Argentine Central Bank
Florencia Sember
Book volume 36C

Research in the Sociology of Education

The Variation in Educational Aspirations among Immigrant Students in Germany
Taylan Acar
Book volume 20

Research in the Sociology of Health Care

Role of cancer history and gender in major health insurance transitions: A longitudinal nationally representative study
Katherine S. Virgo , Chun Chieh Lin , Amy Davidoff , Gery P. Guy Jr , Janet S. de Moor , Donatus U. Ekwueme , Erin E. Kent , Neetu Chawla , K. Robin Yabroff
Book volume 36

Research in the Sociology of Organizations

Brokerage Styles and Interaction Rituals in Creative Projects: Towards an Interactionist Perspective on Brokerage
Santi Furnari, Marianna Rolbina
Book volume 55

Negotiating Moral Boundaries: Social Movements and the Strategic (Re)definition of the Medical in Cannabis Markets
Cyrus Dioun
Book volume 56

Big Data, Bigger Questions: Data-Based Business Models and their Implications for Organizational Boundaries, Data Governance, and Society
Angelique Slade Shantz
Book volume 57

Research on Economic Inequality

Inheritance Taxation: Redistribution and Predistribution
Frank A. Cowell, Dirk Van de gaer, Chang He
Book volume 26

Research on Emotion in Organizations

Workplace fear: a phenomenological exploration of the experiences of human service workers
Marilena Antoniadou , Peter John Sandiford , Gillian Wright , Linda Patricia Alker
Book volume 14

Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting

Luca Pacioli and the Role of Accounting and Business: Early Lessons in Social Responsibility
Charles J. Coate , Mark C. Mitschow
Book volume 21

Review of Marketing Research

Design Orientation and New Product Performance
Raji Srinivasan , Gary L. Lilien
Book volume 15

Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance

Durkheim, totemism, and The Manson Family: theorizing on the relationship between religion and violence
Danielle Sutton
Book volume 23

Studies in Law, Politics and Society

State Your Case: Best Practices for Presenting a Cultural Defense in Criminal Litigation
Heather Crabbe
Book volume 74

Putting the “Right to Die” in its Place: Disability Rights and Physician-assisted Suicide in the Context of US End-of-life Care
Harold Braswell
Book volume 76

Prenatal Testing and Disability Rights: Challenging “Genetic Genocide”
Katharina Heyer
Book volume 76

“$40 to Make Sure”: Background Check Laws and the Endogenous Construction of Criminal Risk
David McElhattan
Book volume 77

Studies in Media and Communications

Hybridizing national identity: Reflections on the media consumption of middle-class Catholic women in urban India
Marissa Joanna Doshi
Book volume 16

Section Membership and Participation in the American Sociological Review Publication Process
James C. Witte, Roberta Spalter-Roth, Yukiko Furuya
Book volume 17

A Niagara of Intemperance and Vice: Newspaper Reports on Immigrant New York, 1800-1900
Saran Ghatak , Niall Moran
Book volume 18

Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governance

Refocusing Performance Management Through Public Service Design?
Mateusz Lewandowski
Book volume 6

The Influence of Human Resources Practices on Corruption Behaviour in Humanitarian Aid
Soha Bou Chabke , Gloria Haddad
Book volume 7

Studies in Qualitative Methodology

Approaching bereavement research with heartfelt positivity
Katherine Carroll
Book volume 16

Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought

Kelly L. Williams, Howard J. Lawrence
Book volume 22

The Paton Philosophy
Kelly L. Williams, Howard J. Lawrence
Book volume 22

Theory and Method in Higher Education Research

Globalisation and differentiation in Higher Education systems
Frans A. van Vught , Marijk C. van der Wende , Don F. Westerheijden
Book volume 4

Tourism Social Science Series

“See You in Iran” On Facebook: Assessing “User-Generated Authenticity”
Nicholas Wise , Farnaz Farzin
Book volume 24

Transport and Sustainability

Andrew P. Tarko
Book volume 11