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EmeraldInsight eJournals Collection

There are a range of journal subscription and purchase options available to individual libraries or consortia; ensuring institutions receive the right resources to meet their budget and content requirements.

Collection options

eJournals Premier
200,000+ articles from 309 journals* eJournals

Backfiles Premier
125,000+ articles from 260 journals, dating back to 1898

Management eJournal Portfolio
136,000+ articles from 212 journals* Management eJournal

Management Backfiles Portfolio
70,000+ articles from 170 journals, dating back to 1899

Engineering, Computing & Technology eJournal Portfolio
52,500+ articles from 62 journals Engineering,

Computing & Technology eJournal Backfiles Portfolio
41,000+ articles from 55 journals, dating back to 1929

Subject Collections
13 individual subject collections

* Estimated count by the end of 2020

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For the duration of your subscription you will receive perpetual access to content published in the period plus complimentary access to selected archive content.


One single payment provides perpetual access to Backfiles content.

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  • Management eJournal Portfolio
  • Engineering, Computing & Technology eJournal Portfolio


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"Emerald is one of the most innovative and proactive academic publishers."

– Professor Craig Standing, School of Management, Edith Cowan University, Australia