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6 incredible industrial robot applications

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In many industries, robots are changing the way we work. Here are 6 incredible industrial robot applications that are transforming industries.

“Ultimate automation…will make our modern industry as primitive
and outdated as the stone age man looks to us today”

– Albert Einstein –

Technology has always shaped the way we work. From the plough, to the printing press, to the internet – the tools that are available shape and dictate the jobs that we do.

The pattern is that as technology advances, highly repetitive and less “desirable” jobs tend to become obsolete, replaced by machinery and automation.

And robots represent the next level of automation.

One of the major achievement of robotics in recent years has been the creation of robots that can replace human workers on dangerous maintenance jobs.

An even more ground-breaking development is the invention of robots that help perform skilled work. New research shows that robots can help train humans, and even help to perform highly-skilled, technical tasks.

Here are six industrial robot applications which robots are radically changing the way we work.

1. Robots and surgery

Image: Robots and surgery

After successfully completing feasibility tests, recent research supports the use of robot-assisted systems for keyhole surgery (also known as minimally invasive surgery). These robots help to reduce the effects of poor hand-eye coordination, heavy labour intensity, and limited motion of medical instruments.

Read more: Design of a novel robotic system for minimally invasive surgery

2. Food manufacturing robots

Image: Food manufacturing robots

The main part of salmon fillet production in Norway is carried out by machines. But could the whole process be automated? The development of one new robot makes it seem possible. This is one of many robot applications in the food industry.

Read more: Towards robotic post-trimming of salmon fillets

3. Agile assembly and manufacturing robots

Image: Agile assembly and manufacturing robots

What if anything that can be done with a human hand could be done by a robotic hand? The quality of anthropomorphic hands and ‘soft grippers’ is constantly improving, and the potential real-world applications are manifold – especially within agile assembly and manufacturing.

Read more: Flexible and soft robotic grippers: the key to new markets?

4. Robots for training

Image: Robots for training

Can robots assist humans in skilled work? New research shows how a robotic training system has helped novice welders get up to speed, by alerting the learner of inaccurate hand movements.

Read more: Robotic training for hand movements during manual welding with real-time alarm feedback

5. Energy maintenance robots

Image: Energy maintenance robots

In the energy industry, inspecting and cleaning overhead powerlines is a dangerous, but vital task. A new robot prototype promises to make the process safer, and more efficient – reducing down-time and cutting maintenance costs.

Read more: Power line robotic device for overhead line inspection and maintenance

6. Robots in the automotive industry

Image: Robots in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has long been known for its efficient use of machinery in production processes, but greater levels of productivity and quality are always possible. Especially with the aid of robots with machine vision.

Read more: Robotic vision boosts automotive industry quality and productivity

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