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#SelfieMarketing: Building your selfie strategy

Every day over 1 million selfies are taken and more than 17 million selfies are uploaded and shared. But what does this mean for companies and their marketing strategy?

Image: The #Selfie story cartoon.

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Take a look at a selection of our research which will give you more insight into why selfies if not already need to be considered within the world of marketing.

Image: Shoe selfie.How can selfies influence brand perception?

Digital technologies are changing the ways in which the meanings and identity of both consumers and brands are constructed. This research looks into how consumer-made "selfie" images are shared in social media and how these may influence brand perception.

Read more: Heterotopian selfies: how social media destabilizes brand assemblages

Image: Group selfie.#selfie genres and what they mean

This paper explores the use of the selfie in terms of personal narratives that develop and support an individual’s human brand. This research looks at Instagram posts and divides selfies into clusters of "genres" that reflect the combined story told through the selfies and captions posted along side.

Read more: Classifying the narrated #selfie: genre typing human-branding activity

Image: Make-up selfie.How do beauty bloggers use selfies?

This research shows how bloggers use selfies as records of product trial, success and failure via specific sub-types. These selfies function as authenticating consumer acts, intertwined with key life narratives and as records of communal events, where bloggers identify as a community.

Read more: Beauty blogger selfies as authenticating practices

Image: Selfie like.How can selfies influence the social media marketplace?

Although the selfie is a relatively new phenomenon, both marketing practice and scholarship have noticed its prominence in consumer lives and potential for generating marketplace insights. the selfie is a multifaceted phenomenon of significance to key marketing areas such as branding, consumer behaviour or market research.

Read more: The selfie phenomenon – consumer identities in the social media marketplace

Image: Selfie.The power of the selfie

The empowerment aspect of the selfie experience has been well-documented in existing however this research paper offers a framework which addresses the ways in which the selfie phenomenon perpetuates societal control and maintains power-relations.

Read more: From liberation to control: understanding the selfie experience

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