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Open Access Policies and FAQs

We work closely with the communities we serve to balance the requirements and rights of authors with the sustainability and development of titles.

Our objective is to ensure the widest possible dissemination of research and future innovation in scholarly communication. Our goal is to meet the needs of researchers in the disciplines we serve and continue to review our policies on a regular basis.

The following page outlines Emerald’s policies on open access as well as a useful frequently asked questions (FAQs) section to help understanding of its policy and open access as a whole.

Icon: Green Open Access.Green Open Access/Self Archiving

Our Green Open Access route offers all Emerald journal authors the option to make their research openly available, free from payment and embargo periods.

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As soon as we've published an article, the version of the article that has been accepted for publication, the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) can be used for a variety of non-commercial scholarly purposes, subject to full attribution. An author may deposit and use their AAM (aka post-print) as follows:

  • on their personal website
  • on their company or institutional repository
  • on subject repositories
  • on Social Collaboration Networks (SCNs) that have signed up to the Voluntary STM Sharing Principles
  • with individuals requesting personal use
  • for teaching and training within the author’s institution, and as part of an author’s grant applications or theses/doctorate submissions.

Authors may post the version of the article that was submitted to the journal (pre-print) to the above resources, at any time.

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • the deposit into the repository of another institution
  • the systematic upload or collation of Emerald articles across repositories.

For any specific queries in relation to repositories, please contact

For further information on author rights, definition of terms and correct referencing conventions, please refer to the Emerald Author Rights page.


Icon: Gold Open Access.Gold Open Access

If an author is required, by their funding body or institution, to make the branded Publisher PDF (also known as the "Version of Record") freely available immediately upon publication, the author has the option to publish their article via the Gold Open Access route, following payment of an Article Processing Charge.

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The Gold Open Access route complies with the requirements made by funding bodies around the world, such as the RCUK or the Wellcome Trust, whereby mandates mean that the author must arrange for the research to be made openly accessible.

Payment of an APC will guarantee the article is made open access upon the official date of publication. Articles published through the Gold Open Access route will be made open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, providing that the original author and source are credited. This is fully compliant with current funder mandates.

We offer the following options to authors wishing to publish via the Gold Open Access route:

Icon: Hybrid Open Access.Hybrid

All Emerald subscription journals offer authors the option to publish their article via the Gold Open Access route. Your article is submitted and accepted in an Emerald journal in the usual way via ScholarOne Manuscripts™, subject to full, double blind peer review. During the submission process, you can select the Gold Open Access option.  Once your article is accepted, you will be sent an invoice for the Article Processing Charge (APC).

APCs are a single rate of £2,400/$3,240/€2,880 across all gold and hybrid journals.

For a full list of gold *(hybrid) journals please refer to the Emerald journal index.

Icon: Fully Open Access.Fully Open Access

Emerald also publishes fully open access journals, whereby all articles accepted for publication within the journal are published open access. APCs are a single rate of £2,400/$3,240/€2,880 across all gold and hybrid journals.

For a full list of Gold (Fully Open Access) journals please refer to the open access journals list.

Icon: Fully Open Access - sponsored.Fully Open Access (Sponsored) – also referred to as ‘Platinum Open Access’

Our Sponsored Open Access journals, also commonly referred to as ‘Platinum Open Access’, are published in partnership with organizations such as universities and associations. There are no charges for the author for these sponsored publications.

For a full list of Fully Open Access (Sponsored) journals, please refer to the open access journals list.


Frequently asked questions

What are Article Processing Charges (APCs)?

    A: APCs subsidise the costs associated with our editorial systems, production (such as typesetting and subediting) and hosting (including perpetual archiving through the LOCKSS and Portico schemes). This cost is usually covered by the grants authors receive from research funding agencies.

    The payment of an APC allows articles to be made open access immediately upon official publication, but is entirely independent of, and holds no bias over, the editorial and peer review processes operated by Emerald journals.

What are Emerald’s APCs?

APCs are a single rate of £2,400/$3,240/€2,880 across all gold and hybrid journals. If you would like to publish your work on Emerald Open Research, you can find more information on APCs on the platform.

What does the APC cover?


    Emerald Publishing charges and services

    For over 50 years Emerald has championed new ideas that advance research and practice to achieve real world impact. We’re committed to supporting authors in telling the full story of their research, its impact, and championing change in research assessment culture. We also ensure that every author has a pathway to publish openly, whatever their circumstances, including a zero-embargo green policy, a programme of fully open platinum journals and our flagship fully open platform – Emerald Open Research – aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    When an author publishes their work open access in one of our hybrid subscriptions or an un-sponsored open access title, the cost of publication is met via a charge referred to as an Article Processing Charge (APC).

    Authors can check if Emerald has a transformative agreement with their institution here.

    Our APC covers:

    • Editorial checks and improvements to the article before publication
    • Systems to facilitate the peer review process that enhance and validate your research through feedback from experts in the field
    • Direct support for you throughout the peer review process and publishing journey
    • Typesetting and tagging of your research to ensure it’s searchable and discoverable in order to maximise its reach once published.
    • The aggregation, abstracting and indexing of your research so it’s always easy to find and access. We work closely with Web of Science, Scopus, ProQuest, EBSCO and more. Further information can be found on our website.
    • Showcasing your work on a platform that reaches the broadest audience and offers a great user experience. We significantly invest in our technology and platforms to make the research easy to find and read.
    • The dissemination, marketing and awareness of research to wider audiences and investment in campaigns and initiatives to promote your research and maximise its reach.
    • The support of low and middle income countries by offering financial provision through a waiver scheme.
    • Preservation of your work for years to come through our archive and preservation connections with Portico, LOCKSS and CLOCKSS.
    • Adherence to the highest publishing standards and best practice through our membership of COPE, the Committee on Publishing Ethics and follow the principles laid out in its Core Practice. 

    In addition, our journal editors are supported by teams and systems including permissions and ethical concerns, detailed reporting, conferences, and much more. These activities are currently supported by our subscription model.

How do I pay to make my article Open Access?

    A: When an article is accepted for publication, authors who have opted for a Gold Open Access option will be asked to pay the APC. Payment will be requested in the form of an invoice that can be paid by the author directly or by arrangement with an appropriate funding agency or academic institution, depending on the location of those funds. Invoices should be paid within 28 days and payment can only be accepted by BACS / electronic transfer or cheque.

    Authors wishing to make their article Gold Open Access should check with their institutional APC administrator (prior to submission) to ensure that funds for APCs are still available.

Under what circumstances can APCs be waived or discounted?

    A: Emerald has established partnerships with national consortia bodies to offer an agreed number of gratis APCs for eligible regions and institutions. To check your eligibility please refer to the open access partnerships page.

    For all fully open access journals, Emerald considers waivers for authors who are unable to access funding to pay the APC. Corresponding authors based in countries classified by the World Bank as Low or Lower Middle income may apply for a full or partial waiver. For full information on our APC waiver policy including information on how to apply, please see our APC waiver policy page.

Under what circumstances are APC refunds made?

    A: For a full outline of the circumstances in which APC refunds are offered, please see our APC refund policy.

I don't have an OA mandate, but my co-author does. What do we do?

    A: Your co-author will need to contact their institutional administrator to check the stipulations of their mandate. The person who has a mandate and needs to pay an APC must be designated as the corresponding author at the point of submission in order to receive the invoice.

What happens if I have a mandate but no publication funds are available?

    A: If a mandate is in place but funding is not available to pay an APC, you may deposit the AAM/post-print of your article in your intuitional repository or website. For a full outline of Emerald’s policy on self-archiving please see information on the Green Open Access option above.

What if I do not want my articles published through open access?

    A: Authors who have received direct funding with a mandate may be obliged to make subsequent research articles openly accessible. It may be worth consulting with your funding body about the mandate appropriate to your research.

What is Emerald's policy on double dipping?


    A: Our commitment to you

    Emerald is committed to ensuring customers do not pay twice for the same content, so-called 'double dipping', and we work closely with consortia, libraries, funding bodies and authors to facilitate open access through sustainable models.

    Our objective is to support the widest possible dissemination of research and future innovation in scholarly communication, a position supported by our industry leading Green Open Access policy

    Our approach to ensure no customer pays twice for the same content

    Emerald's subscription prices are based on the number of subscription articles only. We do not charge our subscribers for open access articles.

    Both collection and individual journal subscription pricing is dependent on many factors, including but not limited to increases in the number of journals, articles and issues, changing costs and other economic factors. It is therefore important to note that any adjustments made for open access content may not always result in an absolute price decrease.

    For individual journals, if more than 5% of articles in a volume are open access, the list price for that title will be adjusted proportionately the following year (based on data from the previous 3 years). Where open access revenue (received from APCs) accounts for a lower percentage than the percentage of open access content in a given volume, we will reduce the list price by the proportion of revenue rather than the proportion of content.

    Open Access Partnerships

    In line with our commitment to develop sustainable models, we have established a number of pilot partnerships with national consortium bodies to offer an agreed number of gratis APCs for eligible regions and institutions. To check your eligibility please refer to the open access partnerships page.


I have a paper currently under embargo. Does Emerald's new green open access policy apply retrospectively?


    A: Yes. Emerald is happy for AAMs currently under embargo to be made accessible as per our new green open access policy.

    If you are unsure of how to make your AAM accessible, please refer to your librarian or institution's repository manager in the first instance.

Can I make my published article OA retrospectively?


    A: Yes. Emerald allows authors to change the OA status of their article post-publication. Requests need to be made within 3 months of official publication or within the same volume year, whichever period is the longest.

    To make a request, please contact


If you have any queries about open access or our policies, then please contact us and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

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