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Welcome to our For Reviewers area. Here you will find practical tips and guidance on all aspects of the peer review process. How will reviewing benefit your career? What is involved and what should you consider when writing your review? What rewards will you receive as a reviewer?

What you need to know before reviewing

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Reviewers are essential to the scholarly publishing process. Academics rely on peer review to corroborate their research and add value to it through critical engagement, before publication.

Reviewer guidelines

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As a reviewer, you will be notified by e-mail of an invitation to review a journal article. The e-mail will come embedded with hyperlink invitation responses. Clicking the appropriate hyperlink sends the response to the journal's editorial office.

The peer review process

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This section shows the peer review process from start to finish, and explains the different models of peer review (single, double, triple and open) with advantages and disadvantages explained.

Reviewer rewards

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As a reviewer for an Emerald journal title you will be granted you free personal access to up 40 Emerald journal articles (excluding Backfiles) for a three month period following the submission of your review.