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Image: Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning.

Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning

ISSN: 2397-7604

Logo: National University.
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Journal information

Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning (JRIT&L) builds on the goals and mission of its predecessor (JRIT) to reflect the dynamism in the conceptualization, delivery, and assessment of education.  JRIT&L publishes top, peer-reviewed theoretical and empirical research on individual, organizational, social, and international topics in the field of education (both higher and secondary). Published bi-annually, JRIT&L focuses on innovations in teaching and learning that inform organizational practices and educational policies.  Action-oriented, applied research is particularly encouraged.  JRIT&L uses double-blind review and is published by National University, a private, non-profit institution serving the public good.

Aims and scope

The goal of JRIT&L is to publish the best theoretical and empirical research on innovations in teaching and learning that will inform organizational practices and educational policies and have a potential to make a considerable improvement in teaching and learning.  JRIT&L embraces action-oriented, applied research that can have an immediate or long-term impact on the design, delivery, and assessment of educational practices and policies.

JRIT&L publishes 2 issues per annum.

Peer review

JRIT&L operates a double blind peer review model. All articles undergo an initial assessment by the journal editor. If they are considered suitable for peer review, articles will then be a reviewed by a minimum of two external reviewers to assess its suitability for publication. Final responsibility for editorial decisions rest with the journal Editor.

Open access

All articles published in JRIT&L are published Open Access under a CCBY 4.0 licence. For further information on licencing please see the author guidelines.

Publishing Services partnership

JRIT&L is published by Emerald Publishing on behalf of National University. JRIT&L is owned by National University. JRIT&L is published under a platinum OA arrangement, in that all charges for publishing an OA article in JRIT&L are funded by National University. There is no charge to the author.

You can view the journal's tranparency statement here.

This journal is indexed by: Cabell's Directories.

Focus: Important trends and topics with significant and real implications for education 

JRIT&L publishes research on emerging trends, such as: the growth of the working adult learners (WALs) (24-49 and older) age group and the need for a college-educated workforce; the diversification of educational providers (public, private, non-profit, for-profit and its downward trend), educational provider-publisher partnership, educational provider-technology company partnership; big data, data analytics, and the combination of administrative and academic data to predict student success and organizational intervention; emerging modalities and optimization; changing regulation and accreditation accountability; and the high cost of education, with the propensity toward tuition differential to reflect labour market reality. 

JRIT&L embraces research topics, such as: new pedagogic theories, approaches, systems and policies; innovative educational technologies; online/distance/hybrid and mobile modalities; instructional methodologies; accelerated, short-term, and intensive methods of teaching and learning; autonomous, self-directed and individual learning; communication, interaction, collaboration and cooperation in education; adult leaning; psychology of learning, the learner and the group; cost and time efficiency of education; education and employment; and social and cultural issues of education.

Think global, act local

Innovations in teaching and learning transcend national and cultural boundaries, with implications for the learner, instructor, modality, and assessment.  International and comparative research are central to the goal of JRIT&L to advance knowledge of the dynamism in education and the adoption of practices and policies that promote teaching and learning.  International and comparative perspectives enhance awareness, tolerance, and acceptance of opportunities and challenges of education in a global and diverse system. Therefore, articles describing international innovative ideas, approaches and practices will be also welcomed by the journal. 

Holistic perspective

JRIT&L highly encourages research from an interdisciplinary perspective.  JRIT&L sees the value of knowledge and application in the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and their role in learning.  Social science perspectives, including philosophy, anthropology, economics, history, law, management, political science, and sociology may lead to effective holistic approaches to educational policies and practices. 

Appropriate methodological approach

JRIT&L publishes high-quality research that uses the appropriate methodological approach to answer the research question.  Hence, literature review, theory building, ethnographic account, quantitative and qualitative analysis, mixed methods, and formal econometric modeling are appropriate for JRIT&L.  Case studies also play a critical role in the action-oriented, applied research focus of JRIT&L.  The quality of the research and its implications for educational practices and policies is more important than a preconceived methodological approach. 

This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of theĀ Committee on Publication Ethics. More on Emerald's approach is available in ourĀ Publication Ethics guidelines.