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International Journal of Operations & Production Management

International Journal of Operations & Production Management

ISSN: 0144-3577

This journal is a Hybrid Open Access journal
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2018 Impact Factor: 4.111*
5-year Impact Factor (2018): 5.604*

CiteScore 2020: 10.7
CiteScoreTracker 2021: 9.5 (Updated Monthly)

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Unique Attributes

The International Journal of Operations & Production Management (IJOPM) investigates opportunities, challenges and frontiers of developing and implementing strategies, systems, processes and practices in operations and supply chain management.

Mission and Scope

IJOPM’s mission is to publish leading-edge, innovative research that has the potential to significantly advance the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management, theoretically and practically. Drawing on the experiences of both manufacturing and service industry sectors, in both private and public settings, the journal has become a widely respected resource in a complex and increasingly important field in business management.

Methodologically, IJOPM covers the full range of empirically-based modes of enquiry using appropriate research frameworks, provided they demonstrate generic insights of significant value to the management of operations and supply chain management. IJOPM does not categorically exclude certain empirical methodologies, except however purely mathematical modeling pieces. Irrespective of the mode of enquiry or methods used, the key issues are appropriateness of methodology, clarity in how the study has been carried out and rigor in the application of methods. Please note that any contribution should be explicitly contributing to theory. The journal encourages mixed methods of enquiry where appropriate and valuable in generating research insights.

Important for each submission to the journal is that there is a direct focus on operations and supply chain management topics. Even though IJOPM encourages submissions that borrow theory from adjacent disciplines (e.g. strategy, sociology, psychology), the majority of the contribution must lie within the operations and supply chain management field.


IJOPM aims for a high quality and swift review process. While the targeted review time from submission to decision is 60 days, the actual average review time amounts to slightly less than 30 days per round of review (desk rejects included). Around 60% of our manuscripts are desk-rejected, typically within 5 days after submission. An important feature of IJOPM’s editorial process is that revised manuscripts will only be send back to the handling Associate Editor after the first round of reviews. The Associate Editor will then guide the manuscript up to the final decision. This process leads to a swifter and more reliable publishing process for all authors. IJOPM relies on a knowledgeable pool of reviewers and Associate Editors who provide invaluable feedback and help to achieve a professional publishing experience. Below figure shows the average time from original submission to editorial decision, the new process was started in October 2017.

Recent Special Issues:

EurOMA 2016 Conference (Volume 38, Issue 9) - Guest Editors: Heidi Dryer and Torbjørn H. Netland. This special issue contains an excellent set of papers that represents the depth and breadth of the research presented at EurOMA in 2016. The theme for the conference was "Interactions", that emphasised that operations management research does not operate in a vacuum and is dependent on empirical insight, relevance and impact, hence interactions with practice.

Old theories, new contexts: extending operations management theories to projects (Volume 38, Issue 6) - Guest Editors: Harvey Maylor, Jack R. Meredith, Jonas Soderlund and Tyson Browning. The objective of this special issue is to provide a forum for works at the nexus of operations and supply chain management (OSCM) and project contexts. Project contexts provide particular challenges for both theory and practice due to the variable levels of structural, socio-political and emergent complexities.

IJOPM articles can include:

  1. Empirical research articles
  2. Literature reviews, surveys and critiques of published articles
  3. Expert opinion papers – these will always be led by outstanding scholars.
  4. Occasional purely conceptual research – this is often a challenge for academics and the quality of content must be on par with other published articles in IJOPM in terms of rigor and potential contribution to operations and supply chain management.
  5. Occasional panel contributions – these are similar to panel sessions at the annual conferences of EurOMA on general importance and interest. Examples could include articles about the development of the operations and supply chain management field, research approaches, developments in pedagogy, emerging issues, and analysis of historical publication patterns.
  6. Occasional Notes section, which could be used for: 
    • Methodological papers that are of interest 
    • Discipline exploratory papers, 
    • Early research (short papers, small sample sizes, preliminary results).

Focused Special Issues are published on topics that are particularly relevant to current issues, research themes, practice or wider socio-economic issues. The Special Issue Editor should be consulted in the first instance regarding a Special Issue proposal. It is worth noting that IJOPM welcomes new and innovative Special Issue proposals. 

Key Benefits

The international editorial team insists that material published in the journal is of value to the practicing manager as well as the academic community. The journal's content is relevant to current needs, offering specific guidance and problem-solving in key areas. 

Key journal audiences

IJOPM is an academic journal where unique and original research is published. Therefore, our prime field of readership are academic researchers and students in the field. However, we also aim that research published in the journal is practically relevant, so that managers whose roles include operations and supply chain management topics derive valuable insights as well. 


The scope of the Journal covers all aspects of operations and supply chain management: manufacturing and service sectors, profit and non-for-profit organizations, including, but not limited to, the topics listed below.

  •  Sustainable Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Management, Quality Management & Operations Excellence
  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Operations & Supply Chain Strategy
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing 
  • Global Operations & Supply Chains
  • Service Operations
  • Big Data & New Technologies
  • Behavioral Operations Management
  • Risk Management and Resilience
  • Performance Measurement

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